Leeds Mission and Care Group

(for URC Churches in the Leeds Partnership)

The last meeting of the Group was held on Tuesday, 16th March 2021.

Opening Devotions
Formation of Steering Group
Update on ministry across Leeds
Moderator’s meet & greet
Time of Churches sharing
AOB – the Welcome Directory
         – Holy Week services
Date of next meeting – Wednesday 12th May Wednesday 7.30pm, on Zoom?
Closing prayers
There will be breakout rooms to chat afterwards for those who can stay.
Below is a reminder of the content of two emails sent out, one about the Steering Group, and the other relating to a possibility of new ministry in Leeds. I trust you’ll be able to bring your Church’s response for the formation of the Steering Group.
‘The Management group have therefore begun to set up a Mission & Care Steering Group, which needs to be approved by the next Mission & Care meeting on 16th March. The Mission and Care Steering Group will have the remit of providing, enabling and resourcing ‘ministry’ in the broadest sense of the word (in other words, not just of ordained Ministers).  
The Steering Group for now will be made up of the current ministry team – Tim Lowe, Geoff Ellis, Angela Hughes, Alex Walker and myself – with Aleck Brownjohn, Jenny Poulter, Moira Gallagher, Sheana Dudley and Terri Raddings. It is not the intent currently to move to a representative body, that may come in the future, but most on the group have the experience of walking with the project for the last 3 years at least, most longer, and with my role, that of Terri as Synod Ecumenical Officer and Sheana as Synod Pastoral Elder, there is a good connection to all the Churches in the Mission & Care Group. In this way, we hope to bring the issues and needs of all the Churches to bear in the discussions of the Steering Group. 
We are therefore asking that this intention is shared at your next Church Meeting, or Elders meeting if you have no Church meeting before March, so that it can be approved at the March Mission & Care meeting.’
Our Synod  and the Leeds North and East Methodist Circuit have been looking a…’
The Zoom link is:
Meeting ID: 814 5863 9739
Passcode: 418623

Video presentation 2 September 2020 of the actions taken by churches in the Partnership during lockdown, click here.


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