Thrive prayer and vision walk, the Seven Meanwood Estates

THRIVE Leeds alongside InterACT and Carr Manor Community School, are exploring a new development of youth work to serve the Seven Meanwood Estates, which sees young people empowered and taking the lead. We are taking some time to listen to God and the neighbourhood and prayer walking the area. Please join us by using the map and exploring the area over the next week or so, noticing what you’re sensing and what God could be saying. We would love to hear from you about your experience – please get in touch with Hannah Dey or your church’s  Thrive trustees: Emmanuelle Bastide-Wilson and Richard Hamlin

The following video gives a brief introduction:


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contact: Hannah Dey


contact: Hannah Dey


Exciting news! We’ve got some more details to share with you about our first Messy Church meet-up on Sunday 20th June at 3.30pm at Stainbeck Church.

We are trying to run a session as close as possible to normal, but there will be some differences. Firstly, we will be outside! Which should be lovely if this weather continues. Secondly, to help us to stay safe and within the regulations, each family group will have a table of their own with all the activities available on it, sSee More


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contact: Messy Church  or 07491902474 for details