Leeds Citizens

Stainbeck United Reformed Church is a member of Leeds Citizens

The Church’s representatives in Leeds Citizens are Helen Booth and David Wilson.

It is important to remember that we have a role in changing some of the systems that cause the disparity of resource we find in our society at this time.  Is this where LEEDS CITIZENScan help us?  Is this where our support of local FORUMS is important?  Can we make a difference? Angela.

Find out more: citizensuk.org | citizensuk.org/leeds

Leeds Citizens “thank you” event at Sunnyview Care Home, 02 July 2020

to thank cate workers for everything they do.

#leeds4carers #livingwage4keyworkers

Founding Assembly at Elland Road, 07 July 2015

(Reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post ,14 July 2015.)

A good beginning as hundreds of people from across our city gather to celebrate all that unites us. Beyond the boundaries of age, gender, faith, tradition and culture our desire is to work together for the COMMON GOOD.

The meeting was chaired by:

  • Revd Graham Brownlee (Moortown Baptist Church)
  • Dr Ann Marie Mealey (Leeds Trinity University)
  • Imam Dr Dari Asim (Leeds Makkah Masjid)
  • Shammah Gwedegwe (David Young Community Academy)

and there were performances from New Testament Church of God and Rothwell Primary Academy.

The Priority Issues identified for 2015 are:

  • Poverty
  • Transport
  • Health

Founding Assembly 2    Founding Assembly 1

Founding Assembly 3

Founding Assembly 4