Goose to Squire


Mother Goose: the last pantomime



Stainbeck Players were a part of Stainbeck Church from 1954 until 2016. The Drama Group changed over the years from a membership comprising church members to a membership which included non-church members.

In past years, we produced two full-length plays and a pantomime each year. For the last two or three years of our existence, the plays were replaced by ‘An Evening of Comedy’ or ‘An Evening with The Stainbeck Players’. 



After over sixty years of happy service, at a meeting in 2016 The Stainbeck Players decided to wipe off their grease-paint and hang up their costumes, and close. An “obituary”   appears below.

Contacts Peter Craske on 0113 2689068
Sandra Smith on 0113 2687582


Obituary – THE LAST ACT click here  

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